The writer English David Herbert Lawrence, in his brief trip in the island, wrote marveled in his diary of trip:

«This earth doesn't resemble to some other place. Sardinia is another thing: enchanting space around and distance to be traveled, nothing of ended, nothing definitive. It is as the same liberty.»

«Sardinia is out of the time and from the history».

(David Herbert Lawrence,from Sea and Sardinia, 1921)

This well it concretizes the feeling, note, to be himself in a region where the amazing beauty of the nature, the endless transparencies of the sea, the reservation and the heat of the people, the deliciousness of the typical dishes, the ancestral traditions, the charm of the ancient customs, the various demonstrations of the Sardinian culture will never change.
All this gives an unique taste, original to a vacation in Sardinia: anywhere the tourist chooses to enjoy himself the magnificent sea or the beauty of the woods and the granites, or to be scrutinized the mystery of the imposing ones, millennial “nuraghi”, he will have the feeling to make the correct thing, to the correct moment, in the correct place.


The Miclass is an elegant and comforting structure. Sets to little distance from the sea it is the ideal to live your vacation in Sardinia.

We wait you to make to discover you the beauties of this fantastic island.